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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Converge and overwhelm

To Choa Chu Kang Road, 61 km. When work, community, family and personal activities converge over a few weekends, it's overwhelming. My alarm clock rings but I feel too tired to join group training. So I sleep on till I feel awake enough to train for next month's charity ride. It'll be hard to keep training for that ride, since I'm also training for the longest run in my life next week, and I've got work and family obligations in the coming weekends. Today, as if to make up for lost riding time, I pick on a guy with a triathlete's build on the road. I blast past him but can't shake him off. He cruises past me, I sit on his tail but part ways when he banks to port. I next pick on a mobile crane with a "40 km/h" decal. It pulls away from me even when I'm at 54.1 km/h. Cheater-bug. Still, I reach home sort of satisfied, having cycled 2 hours 42 mins over rolling hills, non-stop except at traffic lights. And home in time to beat the pouring rain.

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