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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nightmare scenarios

To Bukit Timah Road, 43 km. I dream I'm rushing around campus as I can't find my exam hall. No one can tell me where to go. The clock is ticking. After a dream like that, I leave dreamland and go cycling. I duck into a side road off Woodlands. It leads to a cemetary. The bottom has fallen off a tomb built into a slope (ground subsidence?). I don't stop to peek in. As I cycle on, I have a premonition: this is dog country. It is. Mad barking breaks out. A cyclist's nightmare: dogs behind and a slope in front. I ride up the pitted, stony road. The dogs stop 50 m away; maybe they have a cold too. The road comes to a dead end. There is an overgrown footpath (snakes?) that doesn't seem to lead anywhere. The sky rumbles. I can't stay here, I can't go forward and the only way out is past the dogs. I peer at the road, note the wind direction then rattle past at 32 km/h. I don't hear or see the dogs. I keep up the pressure in case they're ahead, but the coast is clear. To celebrate, I blast past a pair of long legs on a Conalgo.

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