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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Near-death x2

To Turf City, 54 km. For the past two weekends, I've been laying out my cycling togs in the night - and keeping them in the morning. That was all the exercise I got. This weekend is different. I get my bicycle out the door. The excitement today more than makes up for what I've missed. A bus driver and a taxi driver are so excited to see me, they want to embrace me. Near-death #1: a car pulls out from the roadside. The driver is oblivious to what she almost did, not looking at me even after I yell. Near-death #2: I push my bicycle up a 2-storey hill. A black, 1 m long snake slithers beside me, crosses my path then dives into the undergrowth. I make my way past a clump of ferns, with barely 30 cm space between the ferns and a 2-storey roll downhill. Further ahead, the ground is water-logged. Though there's sign of landslip, the ground holds firm beneath me. Which is just as well. Today is my first outing with my new digital camera.

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