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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Urban offroad

May distance travelled: 179 km

To Bukit Chandu, 46 km. I meet some friends on top of a hill for a picnic. I'm the only one on a bicycle; the rest are pedestrians. Of course, no one wants my cycling grub. On my way home, I pass a wide open space beside Alexandra Hospital (a historical hospital with lots of character and the site of a World War 2 massacre). I explore the open space (exit hospital via the mortuary, you know what I mean) which is the size of several football fields. Besides an abandoned road, there's grass and little knolls. I have the whole place to myself - almost. I stop to marvel at some people using ropes to climb five storeys up a tree. All these, beside a busy road and a hospital. It is shady and quiet. Amidst the busyness and sufferings of life, sometimes there're pockets of peace if you look aside and pause.

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