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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Could've, would've, should've

To Changi Beach Park, 67 km. I could've been cycling in Malaysia today. I would've accepted the invitation but after an internal struggle I decline. Otherwise, I would've been telling myself: "I should've listened to my body". With the coming work week the way it is, going would've been asking for trouble. So I cycle on this little island. I feel a tad tired just going up the slopes of Tampines and Loyang. I guess having a cold leads to a cold engine. Not that the dog under a lorry cared. It shoots out, locking on like a heat-seeking missle. From my peripheral vision, I see the mutt closing in. Too late to flip flop and turn back. To hesitate now may mean me flopping on the ground with my throat torn out. I keep my eyes on the track, looking out for ruts, gravel and loose sand. I break away almost languidly. Practice makes perfect getaway. Since I can't go back the same way I come in, I sink 3 cm into mud as I find another way out.

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