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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What do you really want?

To Singapore Zoo, 33 km. I've been on slicks since 24 Mar. Great acceleration, lighter and faster. But though they go further on the road, there're just some places it'd be foolhardy to go with them. They're more prone to punctures than my fat tyres. But since I've chosen to be on slicks, it's silly to miss my fat tyres. Sure, I could put on fatter slicks, but this'd be at the point where marginal cost exceeds marginal utility. Of course, these calculations make sense only if I know what's cost and what's utility. In a scarce world with unlimited wants, I've got to know what I really want. Then go for it. What's sub-optimal has to be judged in that light. Caveat: is what I really want what I really need? And then, some decisions are shaped simply by what's the right thing to do - even if there's a heavy price to pay. I meet two people today at work who're prepared to pay the price. It's my privilege to know them; they're priceless.

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