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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Only time will tell

To Mandai Road, 35 km. I take my new headset out for a spin. It feels good, without that spooky tug on the handlebars as was the case with the old, pitted headset. I think of doing laps but the thought of training depresses me. So I ride for leisure, until I see a cluster of red blinking lights ahead. The chase begins. It's only at 40 km/h that I start to close the gap. I never manage to overtake the two lead riders, one of them on a mountain bike. Among the things I blame for my dismal performance is my seat height. I'd gotten it just right, after hundreds of km from consecutive days of riding. I marked the height but the mark was rubbed off when the seatpost got cleaned. While the height can be approximated, only time will tell if it's right - from the presence or absence of pain.

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