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Sunday, December 17, 2006


To Old Upper Thomson Road, 36 km. It pours today, almost all day. Of course it would. I'd waxed my bicycle and this would've been my first ride since then. When it stops raining, I sneak out. Along the road, I see evidence of "re-volution", or regressive evolution. Darwin's theory (it's still a theory, right? It's not been shot down like "the sun revolves round the earth" but it's not survived centuries of scrutiny or martyrdom either) says humans evolved from monkeys. Monkeys don't read. Today, I see humans who, despite years of schooling", also fail to understand signs (some as big as a car) stating "do not feed the monkeys". A driver of a red truck parks on one lane of the two-lane road at a blind corner, so that drivers of overtaking cars have the opportunity to see whether Darwin was right or whether there is a Big Guy in the Sky who made it all.

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