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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Nov distance: 368 km

To Cameron Highlands, 168 km. Cameron Highlands isn't as steep as Genting, but it's 60 km uphill, punctuated with a few flat stretches. I'd tried to train for it, but work meant I was "cross-training" in the form of thinking, typing and writing. This one of my worst rides ever: last among the guys and just about overall last among the seven of us. My mind and my butt go numb as I climb. I eat all my Powergels and stuff the packets into an empty bottle to distract myself. Once, I even stop to walk. Going downhill at 40 km/h on day 3, two dogs a wheel length away lunge at me as I pass. I'm almost last again, as I brake round the hairpin bends. Perhaps I'm cautious as HC had offered me her jacket (so heartwarming!) to stave off the cold. Then, it's another 600 km car ride back to Singapore. With this ride, does it mean I've been up every major hill (Cameron, Fraser, Genting, Mt Ophir, Penang, with the exception of the highest - Gunung Tahan) in West Malaysia?

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