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Sunday, October 01, 2006


To Changi, 68 km. I've been struggling with my contact lenses; they're the most comfortable brand for me among the brands I've tried, but the hardest to remove from their containers. Until I look at the instructions again. It's amazing how looking with an open mind at a few lines on paper can make such a difference. On the road, I feel so lethargic; I cycle so little nowadays. I pass a biker in denim shorts. A "race" starts. He sits on my tail even at 48 km/h downhill. I slow down as I run out of hill. He overtakes. I sit on his tail, going uphill at 41 km/h. I'm glad when he veers away towards Changi Village. I explore the unknown until four dogs bark. I reckon this pack barks but won't bite, but I turn back anyway. At the start of the ride, I'm thinking of how a dog took a chunk of out a biker's calf ...

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