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Saturday, September 16, 2006

WAT kind of ride

To Changi Village, 121 km. Today is the first time I'm riding with Wheels Are Turning (WAT). It's a leisure ride, but two in the group are more hardcore than I am. One of them has cycled in New Zealand, and is taking part in an offroad race in India this year. The other has done endurance races in the US and France. I ask how is it their bosses allow them so much time to get away to cycle. As it turns out, they are the bosses. Today is also the first time I enjoy riding at East Coast Park, going at a languid pace. The day starts out with heavy cloud cloud and I want crawl back into bed. But since I'm already up, I get up my . I prepare to get soaked in the rain, but I soak up too much UV rays instead and end up sunburned. Funny how life turns out ...

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