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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Misadventure race

Sep distance: 269

To East Coast Park, Labrador Park, 75 km. I sign up for the NUS Rovers Cyclohunt. NUS Cycling Club Team 1 already has the full complement of four. There aren't enough people to form Team 2, until my friend agrees to join on the eve of the race. Most of the competitors seem to be newbies, which means there's hope of getting the top $300 prize. The clues seemed easy enough, but we spend 45 minutes in vain just on Checkpoint 1. A team member then pulls out there, recalled home because of a "domestic situation". That ends our hope of winning anything. We cycle to half the other checkpoints just for fun, stopping even for supper. I lead the way to the Labrador checkpoint, which the rest haven't been to. They (all roadies) "repay" me by cycling back to the finish line at up to 38 km/h, with me the only one on fat tyres. Thumbs up to the organisers for their imagination ("5 points for a live cockroach, 1 point for a dead one").

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