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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Having it both ways

To Mandai Road, 51 km. I'm supposed to cycle to Sungei Tengah today but S calls me to warn me of ominous clouds in the west. So I cycle north, stuff the cumulo nimbus clouds. I see an inviting patch in the foilage by the road and plunge in, but the trail peters out. On the way out, thorn-studded foilage slams into my mouth. A small scratch appears on my finger as I push the vegetation away. I'm glad I'm going slow; if not, my lips might've been shredded. That would've made drinking soup difficult. An ant bites me. That's par for the course. I expect this in the jungle. Next time I walk into peril in the concrete jungle, well, I'd expect that too. But today, I ride bike while the sun shines. And in case it rains, I've got my muddy shoes and mud-encrusted . All's well that ends well; I get to cycle and when it pours, it cleans my bike. Today, I have it both ways.

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