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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Simply perfect

To Old Upper Thomson Road, 29 km. For some parts, there's a rule of thumb like "after X km, replace it". I haven't found such a rule for saddles. But after getting two saddle sores from my last ride, I reckon the time has come to replace my saddle. So I say goodbye (and good riddance) to my "handcrafted in Italy" saddle, model TA. It's been a pain in the butt since Nov 03 (more than 19,600 km ago). In its place, another saddle I bought a few days ago. Same brand but model F: an old model, with no gel (I read somewhere that gel can "clump" over time, thus losing its shape), no seams, no fancy design. It's cheaper, lighter, with better power transfer. Ironically, I'd replaced F with TA, thinking TA would be even better than F. How wrong I was!

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