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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Red force vs blue force

To Yew Tee, 85 km. Gripping his aerobars, the roadie with blue and jersey slips in front of me. I, on my red Tank, strain to catch up, then surge past him. He blasts past me as the road tilts upwards. I overtake him. He catches up when I stop at the red lights. And so we play leap frog along the road. I have the last word as we part ways, but I'm more winded than a granny going uphill without granny gears. All I took was just five days off the bike; my butt still hurts but look how my form has dropped. I tour around Yew Tee and its viscinity, a place dotted with heavy vehicle parks, parks and farms. I marvel at the urban planning here, with clusters of playgrounds, shops and places of worship sprinkled throughout the landscape.

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