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Friday, May 26, 2006

Ungrateful and unhappy

To Simei, 18 km. Ripple effect. Knock-on effect. Butterfly effect. Whatever you want to call it, doing (or not doing) one thing leads to another. Things happen when someone makes a decision and doesn't stick to it (not that the situation has changed; only the mind has changed). I miss an important dinner then I cycle to Simei, the site of tomorrow's Charity Bike n Blade flag-off. I arrive when it is "lights off" and wake up my slumbering friends who are trying to get enough sleep as we have to arise at 4.30 am. So, what can I be thankful for? A room all to myself. And I suppose I did get out of the office to go for this charity ride, though I'd to bail out on the Bike-Aid one next month.

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