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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Three firsts and half-past six

To Tampines Mountain Bike Trail, 64 km. For the first time in my life: I cycle in SACA's Men's Masters. I keep upright in an offroad race (I filled my quota for falling yesterday). I win a medal. Thanks to CC and N for the winning advice. I would've been #6, but for half a bike length. #6 hears me coming; yesterday's crash had disabled my stealth mode. Though I leap ahead, he has too much of a headstart. Still, I shouldn't have won anything. My hand hurts from yesterday's fall, the jolts on the road as I cycle to the race venue remind me so (I wish I'd a support vehicle like my competitors). My bent rear D is a drag. And I didn't sleep well because of pain. When the race starts, it seems everyone surges ahead of me. I feel hungry. Somehow, I overtake 3-4 riders without falling. Some people congratulate me after the race. I struggle to open a bottle of water because of the pain in my hand. Chasing after a medal is like chasing a girl. It takes serious effort, time, money and pain. The difference is, the medal you keep. The girl, you have to work at keeping.

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