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Monday, May 01, 2006

Keep your head down

To Bukit Timah and Tampines Mountain Bike Trail, 95 km. The alarm clock rings. I don't want to wake up but there's a clinic today. The doctor: Cycling Dutchman, winner of Mar's SACA race (Men's Sports category). So it's true: he won using slicks (2.35"). I learn from him today. Like, what "keep your head down" means (and look up to the top). The "feel test" for tyre pressure (no need to figure out when marginal utility of increased traction equals marginal cost of increased rolling resistance!). When it's better to dismount and run. When in danger, brake, keep low then fall. After one round with him and some FWNR bikers (like Tiny, who fixes my rear D despite its hanger being bent), we break up. I head for Tampines. I do better with 45 psi tyres. Even at a somewhat relaxed pace, one round takes me 7:38.

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