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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Scattering and scrambling

To Tampines Mountain Bike Trail, 43 km. I'd slept as much as I wanted and skipped today's group rides. I want today to be an easy ride. But when I hit the trail, I want to see if I can go faster than yesterday. And I do, for a while. Around corners, I press down on the pedal inside the turn and power myself out of the bends. As I scatter gravel around me, a jogger gets in the way. Braking in those conditions could be dicey. He scrambles out of the way and I overshoot the bend. "Bike trail!" I yell. When he sees me again round the trail, he ducks away. The radio controlled hobbyists are at it again. Some with airborne machines, others with tiny monster trucks. I try the BMX track too, twice. A ditch has been dug in front of a mound of earth. My wheel digs into one of them, scrubbing off speed. I stall on the mound and ignominously push my up, then dismount before the next ditch.

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