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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dripping blood, dangling flesh

Apr distance: 691 km

To Tampines Mountain Bike Trail, 58 km. I've gone down this circuit a few times and have had a few close calls. But today is the first time I overtake someone. And the first time I crash. Simulating race conditions, I push myself to the edge and fall off it. Going fast, I overshoot a corner. I right myself. But fall. It's as if the trail edge of gravel gave way. I fall on my face. I lie there, conscious that the seconds are speeding away. Should I give up? I see some lacerations on my leg, the longest one being 7 cm of white flesh and dripping blood. I pull the skin dangling off it and get up. My helmet saves me again. I finish five laps in almost 38 minutes, with a bent rear D (again). How awful. Back in the shade, the guy I overtook says, "It's not worth it." He's right. How many micro-seconds can I save in one corner, vs the minutes and damage that attempt may cost if it goes awry? Risk vs reward: a lesson that's valuable for play and work.

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