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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Down by the river

To Sengkang, 47 km. I'm back in the saddle after a two week break, for my race-sustained wounds (see 19 Mar entry below) to heal. I hit the road after spending the past 10 hours in bed, getting up after the sun is up. It is beautiful down by the river. Too bad about the litter and the boaters making a racket. Further up the river, it is quieter. The only sounds are from the birds, the splash of fishing and the "scrunch" of the earth beneath my wheels. In some parts, there's so much undergrowth, it gets into my cassette. Perhaps that's why it loosens, creaking like an arthritic mouse on a treadmill. My cyclocomputer screen is scratched too. So much for my offroad racing. Today, I test my Mountain Dax Equipment backpack.

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