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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Circle game

To Tampines Mountain Bike Trail, 45 km. Next weekend, they'll know if they've won the parliamentary elections. Next weekend, I'll know if I've won a medal. They've been wondering who contests in which constituency. I've been wondering which category to race in: Weekend Warrior or Men's Masters? Strategic choices, tactical choices. The similarity doesn't end here. All parties at the hustings have circles in their logos. As for me, I cycle on circles and in circles at the trail. For the first time, I cycle five rounds non-stop. On my fifth circuit, a guy blasts past me. I crank up but the gap widens. At least, I get confirmation that I'm on the right track; it's hard to gauge from the 2004 photo of the the last race here. I skid while cornering; somehow my leg lifts, my rear wheel regains traction and I regain balance. My drive train rattles like a kid's toy, while there's mud over the , the chain's rollers are shiny. Where did all the lube go?

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