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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Scared stiff

To Bukit Timah Hill, 82 km. Today is the second time in my life up that 164m hill. But its my first time riding up with clipless pedals. The last time I rode off road was on 21 Aug 04. I almost fly off twice as I stall riding up the first two slopes. Going down, I see a terrifying slope and I gasp. There are more scary downhills. A strand of spider web is on my face but I'm too scared to unclench my hand to brush it off. I don't even take time to clip in as I bounce downwards on my 50 psi tyres and rigid fork. Gravel sprays from under my rear wheel as it loses traction. I get lost. This is my first time cycling solo on the hill, without a guide. Somehow, I emerge without a scratch. My virgin ride up (on 15 May 03), on my Iron Horse, was more pleasant. Today, salt is visible on my black shorts. I feel charred, since I'm cycling in the mid-day sun to get away from the crowd. There are only two bikers. Some hikers stand to attention by the trailside as I rattle by. For a lark, I cycle to Kheam Hock Road. I was told there's off-road trials here, but I don't find it. It's a scenic tarred road though.

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