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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brute beauty

To Sengkang, 22 km. I have a flat. I don't just mean I live in one, I mean my tyre has gone flat. Usually, I'll fret. But today, I remove my slicks and put on my 11-year old Kenda knobbies (last used in 2004). What an awesome sight. For the first time, my little red Tank has knobbies. It's noticeably heavier and takes more effort to get up to speed. But it gives a better workout. And what a sight to behold, brute beauty instead of the wimpy slicks. On the road, I can't help but smile as my tyres whirr and as I cycle over gravel, holes and kerbs in my way. I inflate my tyres to 50 psi (a first). I even, for the first time, perfect lifting my front wheel off the ground.

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