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Sunday, February 26, 2006

"Mountain biking" with roadies

Feb distance: 346 km

To West Coast Highway, 85 km. V says a group of mountain bikers are joining us. But they're all on road bikes. As it turns out, they're mountain bikers who've left their mountain bikes at home. Taking their road bikes out on a spin (including one with egg beater pedals), they cycle at a relaxed mountain bike speed. They break off at Lim Chu Kang, leaving three of us to go to the west coast. N asks to go up Bukit Chandu, which I introduced her to on 19 Feb. I lead her a tad further, to the canopy walk, and she beams. We see a chameleon. I ask: "Wanna ride my bike?" It (the lizard, not the bike) takes a running jump off the walkway into the trees. The wind blows, the trees sway and the birds chirp. We tear ourselves away when it starts to drizzle, then chill out later at the Esplanade. Rich cake and beverage. Mmm, best ride of the year so far. I go home with a smile on my face instead of a headache that comes from gritting my teeth to catch roadies.

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