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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nuclear-powered vs kerosene-powered

Jan distance: 498 km

To Tampines and Woodlands, 101 km. "She likes to ride at 30-35 km/h", says N of "nuclear-powered" SY. Well, that's to warm up. SY hits 41 km/h and chats at the same time. When I (being "kerosene-powered") moan, she still cycles at 41 km/h - uphill. Watching her stand on her pedals makes my knees go weak. But she isn't always in the lead; the group of nine is split into four in front including me and five in the rear. As the day wears on, riders start to drop out. It's just the three of us for lunch, but I'm glad for that. If it wasn't for cycling and cyclists, I might have lost my marbles. Or maybe I already have. I cycle a few rounds around the carpark so I can round off today's ride past 100 km.

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