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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Black death

To Lim Chu Kang Road, 94 km. The black car passes so fast, so close to the three of us, I feel fear only after it clears the rider in front. The driver must've been unaware, or couldn't care less, as he overtakes us on the right to turn left. One decision in a moment in time may have far reaching consequences in the future. And it was someone's decision like that, made a few years back, that kept me working late into the night, night after night. The highlight of this week is today's ride, my first with BBB. I get to touch her sleek Lightspeed. After 30 or so km, she turns for home. I cycle on, hoping my fretting will blow away in the wind. But they don't. Instead, when I get home, I compile a to-do list. At least, I have people to delegate this to. So, this is how Monday morning blues are born.

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