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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bike paradise

To Tampines and Kaki Bukit Road, 71 km. Today, the eve of Chinese New Year, sees many bikers on the road. In fact, there are two groups at the start point. I happen to know some of them, and meet HCK for the first time (though we've emailed each other before). I reluctantly join the slower group, as the faster group zooms off quickly without asking me to tag along. But it turns out to be serendipity, as N leads me to the spiffiest bikeshop ever; it's so spick and span, we have to remove our shoes to enter. The shop is carpeted, airconditioned and stocked chock a block, from floor to ceiling. Bikes, frames, parts and accessories - even 1.20" tyres, which I never knew existed. And I did get a good workout as I charged up hills. The sight of the goodies in the bikeshop got my heart racing too.

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