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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Toe-clips and sandals

To Changi, 65 km. Toe-clips and sandals. Leather on seat post. Mud flaps on mud guards. And Milo with egg. I think the egg is served on a saucer separate from the drink. But no, at one coffee shop, the egg is in drink. And I drink it. So it can be done. What also can be done: cycling 30-40 km/h with toe clips and sandals. At least, R from Bike-Aid can do it. Today, I join them for my first time on a ride. What exotic bicycles; R has a Heron, JO has a Bridgestone XO3, which R formerly owned. The parts are so exotic, R gets them by mail order. It's nice cycling with them; I guess Bike Aiders are kind by definition. And it's nice that the weather has cleared up a little; it's been raining so hard lately there are floods.

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