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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Dec: 1,106 km

Wed 10 Dec: Fire at the back side
To Esplanade, 34 km. What is it like to cycle with a charcoal fire just behind your butt? Glowing a fiery red (the fire, not the butt), does lighting a fire behind your tender behind help you ride faster? Probably not, if you have two huge pails of satay and condiments on either side of your rear wheels. Yep, meet the master cyclist, the satay man. Tonight, the only other familiar face is D; the other three are strangers.
Tech note My leg doesn't hurt; I'd stopped biking for one whole week. It sure felt strange not riding. Knee felt a little funny, but it must be all that unclipping in city traffic. And a long warm up ride (over 15 minutes) must have helped.

Wed 3 Dec: 4 cyclists, 3 bicycles
To Seletar, 29 km. How can four bikers ride three bikes? When one of the bikes is a tandem. J and his wife show up on this magnificent machine - a KHS with Specialized sticker. Three cranks, 27 speed. As usual, J cranks out a brisk pace, tearing along the hills of Yio Chu Kang Road at around 40 km/h. The bike leader (me) ends up trailing behind the couple and D.

Tech note My leg still hurts. J tells me I should rest. Well, I did stop cycling but the pain is still there even when I'm getting out of a chair. Tonight, hamstring doesn't give me pain, but my thigh cramps (perhaps to compensate). Back home, I tweak my cleats again and replace part of the cleats.

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