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Sunday, November 09, 2003

Sat-Sun 8-9 Nov: The mist
Round island#5.5, 147 km. I thought my glasses are fogged, but no, I'm cycling into the mist at Seletar. The dew condenses on my shifters. Besides dew, other things fall: two bicycles and their cyclists. Blood is shed, but not tears. There are 15 of us, (led by Bikerboey on her touring bike) but most fall out along the way. At the 100 km mark, there's just three of us. I fall out too - I log the round island mileage, but fail to go around.

Tech note I've been cycling to fix my bike thrice today. First, the casette came loose. Before I get home, the front d shifts. The kung fu master (see below) says I should return to sender - it's the wrong size. I get to upgrade my Deore front d to LX for another $5.

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