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Saturday, November 15, 2003


Round island#6, 122 km.
I'm going below 30 km/h for most of the trip. Two groups of people pass me by. Group#1: mountain bikers at 32 km/h. Group#2 have two-stroke engines, and I don't mean their legs.

Tech note I spend the time trying to know my bike; its personality has changed since my upgrade of 1 Nov. I don't break my speed record; max speed on a flat road is 41 km/h, not 47. Why am I slower? Lighter bike = less momentum. Lighter rims = no "flywheel" effect. And I do have a dirty chain. But I break my time record for round island: 5 hr 50 min instead of 7 hours; faster ascents and efficient pedalling = shorter breaks. Perhaps the heavenly blinkers called lighting spurs me on to get out of impending rain. Butt hurts after 10 km despite bike shorts. What irony: I upgrade my bike to go faster but I'm slower. I upgrade my seat and end up with a pain in the ass. I bike to forget my woes but my bike becomes woe. But I finally get silent service: I tweak my front d and the niggling sound is gone.

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