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Saturday, October 18, 2003

A little bit of grit, a whole lot of grief

Sat-Sun 17-18 Oct
Round island#5, 124 km. With Status Quo's "Paper Airplane" reveberating in my mind , I'm really high. At Pasir Ris, I stop at the biggest display of bikes I've ever seen at a bike shop. Bikeshop boy says: "Is that an Iron Horse? That's a classic." At Changi Coast Road, I draft a motorcyclist: 41, 42, 43 km/h ... At West Coast, my blood sugar plummets. I eat and I refuel again at Jurong. At Jalan Bahar, pain shoots up my left leg. I stretch, massage, pedal with one leg. At Kranji, I rest for 20 minutes until 2 am. Pain remains. It's eerie as usual at Kranji. As usual, dogs greet me joyfully, four of them rushing across three lanes and a road divider to welcome me into their rabid mouths. At Mandai, I have an epiphany, remove my left cleat and the grit, then put back the cleat. A tiny change (the width of a grain of sand?) that leads to a big difference. From barely being able to put my foot down, I can complete my ride.

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