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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Broken? Fix it

Sep distance: 575 km

Woodlands, 53 km. The new freehub body unit makes my bicycle feel like new. A light touch and it works like a breeze, even surging upslope at 37 km/h somehow.

The creaks and clanks, which I'd blamed on the chainrings and crank arms, are gone. Poor things, I'm sorry I've wronged you.

The gritty sound from my headset is gone too, after I removed, cleaned, greased and put it back.

The ride is marred somewhat with near collisions: two "door gifts" (good thing I kept a safe distance from vehicles by the side of the road), two buses, two pedestrians.

On a secluded road, a traffic cop asks me to cycle on the pavement. There's a transporter; I count the tyres: 154.

My two tyres get me home. I've thought of getting a new bicycle as so much has failed: rims, free hub, chainrings. A shifter is going too. But, when something has gone through so much that it's worn out, fixing it and giving it a new lease of life is just like life. Some things are worth saving.

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