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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Rhyme and rhythm

Woodlands, 50 km. On and off, I sleep perhaps four hours. I awake with a poem in my heart, perhaps five stanzas long. Since sleep is elusive, I think about cycling. Actually, I thought about that last night too, but was too tired to roll out the tyres. I read for an hour, go back to bed and when I get up and write, the number of stanzas has more than doubled.

I finish reading the Wall Street Journal, then turn to an old book which I last read perhaps a decade ago, as I recall it might help me solve a major work problem.

I cook lunch, wait till it is cooler, then on the road I go. I recall bikeshop man saying last week that my bottom bracket has started to oxidise. Can't be, it's just a few weeks old. Yes, something's eating it up, and it's eating me too.

By the time I get home, the poem has grown to 16 stanzas of five lines each. They have rhyme, they have rhythm.

When something's eating you, you can get destructive - or creative.


la.bicyclette.bleue said...

Hi, we have enjoyed reading your blog which we found while researching our ride from Singapore to Phuket in January 2013. We plan to take the route up West Malaysia but wish the avoid Johor city roads. We thought of hiring a minivan to Pontian early in the morning and kick on from there. As I have not lived in Singapore for a number of years, I have sort of lost contact. Perhaps you know of somebody who does minivan transfers.
Funnily, I was also at the talk on cycling in TTSH in October. Your observations were spot on!

Horseman said...

Hi, sorry, I don't know about transfers, because I just cycle across. Pontian isn't that far from Singapore and Johor Baru roads aren't that bad, relatively speaking. If you leave early enough, it would be even better.

Anyway, if you pass through big towns like Klang, Kuala Lumpur or Ipoh, you may find Johor Baru a practice ride of sorts!

Thanks for dropping by the blog. Best wishes for your ride!