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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Weight of iron-y

Buona Vista, 50 km. Holidays allow a break from stress. To work out where to go, when to go, the daily itinerary, can be fun. To work out whether to go, what to beware - especially if the trip involves icy cold, dizzying heights above 5,000m and a bicycle - can be stressful.

To work out to keep fit is to keep healthy. Yet, the work out can cause injury. Bad shoulder or not, dark clouds or not, I go on the road to go off-road, along the former railway track.

As it's earlier in the day, I see walkers, joggers and several mountain bikers.

Some small bridges are still intact. I cycle cautiously to maintain traction as I negotiate the gravel on a bridge above a road. There are just two thin wires between safety and a bloody mangled end below. Hmm, perhaps "cautiously" isn't the right word. "Cautious" would be one who gets off and pushes, isn't it?

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