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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tired of being tired

Woodlands, 48 km. It's been a hard and long week. I make a dent in my sleep deficit yesterday and try to reclaim more of my due today. I don't ride in the morning, don't have a proper lunch (too tired) and when it's too hot, I sleep. I get up, try to get more sleep and feel tired of being tired. Time to roll out the 1.95 inch tyres. The sun blazes. No excuses. On with the sun block, forget the contact lenses and sunglasses and cataract risks. Barely a km out, I feel hungry and I see dark clouds. Darn it, will I get drenched? Wretched fretting, I leave behind as I ride. That's all I can do. As it turns out, all's well that ends well. The hunger pangs pass. It's a cloudy day, I don't let the pedestrian and dangerous driver get to me, I draft a bust at 41 km/h and get home in one piece. Next week would be one of the most critical in my entire working life. Bring it on!

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