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Sunday, August 03, 2008


Admiralty Road West, 55 km. I haul myself out of bed. Usually, a tablespoon of oats is enough to keep me going for my Sunday ride. But not today. I realise my glycogen levels have depleted because of a Friday 1.5 hour run and a Saturday hike plus 1 hour run. Today, I scatter gravel and relish the traction as I pedal round twists and turns, then gorge on nasi bryani to top up my energy. I pass my bike doctor's shop and finds it shuttered. It has moved again, to a third location within six years, this time even further from my home. Policy shifts, people move and places move, which cause mental stress. My response is to move my body three days in a row, which cause physical stress. My body adapts so my mind will too. And just as my body needs rest, my mind needs to take a break too.

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