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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Check and test

Jul distance: 193 km

Lim Chu Kang, 75 km. The unofficial motto of one elite fighting force is "check and test, check and test". Which is poles apart from its official motto. I check and test 2 pieces of equipment today, including an 8 year old (estimate), 2.1" tyre (a first, none of my tyres have been that fat). I don't want it to crumble away on a high speed turn. A lad with disc wheel and aerobar slices past me as if I'm pushing a pram laden with groceries. A lass labours past me. Is she cursing me or chattering with her clattering drivetrain? There are tell-tale signs no one has talked to her much about cycling. I think about helping but I don't understand her swear words. Telling her the intricacies of of shifting might get lost in translation. Moreover, I don't speak 'roadie' and am more familiar with MTB shifters. We part ways at a junction and I continue with my road test/recce ride. It is a hard, "2 bottle" ride.

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