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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Simple and quiet

Woodlands, 44 km. I'm so tired, I go to bed. I'm so restless, I go and ride. No sunglasses. No arm warmers. No sunblock. No sunshine. Even if it rains, I will cycle. It's that simple. I look for the quietest roads: Old Upper Thomson and Mandai. I stop at Kranji War Memorial. Part of trying to get closure. I'd have been the only soul there, except for a couple in a car, doing driving practice. I stop at a plaque that details the fall of Singapore. And another in memory of Force Z. The difference between their life and death was about a month, when Japan surrendered after executing them. The sky is somewhat cloudy, but the rain holds. The sun sets. The sky is ablaze. I look back and wonder. All those people who lived and died. All the happy, all the sad. It's the same sunset, isn't it?

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