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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I see it coming

Mar distance: 225 km

Lim Chu Kang Road, 63 km. At Mandai, long lines of cars full of the living pay respects to the dead. Where lines are long, patience is often short. I know someone would try to send me to the other world, despite the melodious chimes of my new Cateye bell. Forewarned, I stop mere cm away from a bad driver. I find a legal trail and keep my eyes peeled for scent-seeking missiles; where I am looks like a place where dogs hang out. I spot one 200 km away. Forewarned, I turn back. One dog, followed by at least two others, scamper out to greet me. I shout at the first one out and pedal away slowly. They do not chase. Just as well, given the "mud-stacle" ahead of me. One the way home, a bendy bus thunders towards me. I brake and my rear wheel skids. The bus turns; there was no chance of it bending me. My mistake. Most of the time, I see things coming. But some people just won't listen and may not even realise there is a cost. And others have to pay.

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