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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ride like the wind

Sep distance travelled: 908 km

Kampong Kaki Circuit, 68 km. "Is that it?" asks a guy who appears by my side. I'm clocking 47 km/h. "Yep", I say. "See you later," he says and cycles ahead. Not a good start as I head for my time trial start point. When it's time to go, I go. My chain slips a few times as I cycle uphill, though it was fine on the way to the start point. I guess the load is heavier on the actual route. A taxi blasts me three times though it's a three lane road with no other traffic. At Bukit Chandu, my mind starts to give way. More hills to go. I tune out and just keep riding on the edge between pacing myself and blowing my heart, lungs and legs out. At Mount Faber, I slip past a roadie whose heart rate monitor beeps furiously. He thanks me twice at the foot of the hill. I'm grateful too, that the sun is out today and I've clocked 63 min 57 sec. Woohoo!

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