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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back to the old way

Jul distance travelled: 157 km

To Choa Chu Kang Road, 60 km. The journey to the west is a pleasant, hard ride. Traffic is light and the hills, rolling. I hardly sweat as the rain falls. A falling branch misses me with less than a second to spare. I cycle like the wind to make up for the two months I've been running instead of cycling, and mull my experience of the two.
- Cost: running shoes and cycling shoes costs about the same, but what good are cycling shoes without the bicycle
- Speed: hard running at 10km/h, cycling at 35 km/h (cruising speed on slicks on flat road)
- Transmission: "automatic" for running, manual for cycling (single speed excepted)
- Terrain: off-road and on-road for both
- Danger: low for running, high for cycling, with metal monsters and flesh-bound fiends to deal with
- Injuries: high impact for running; low impact for cycling unless I crash. I hurt more running than cycling; with the latter, my pains disappear.

Back home, I fail to remove stains from my new jersey. I think about someone who says cycling clothes stay clean in the rain. My consternation is how strong conviction can be borne out of great ignorance.

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