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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Morning glory

To Bukit Timah Road, 48 km. I see some offroad and follow it, not knowing where it goes. Birds flit from the road to the tree branches two storeys up high. Morning glory flowers line part of the way, which ends in a fenced-up, abandoned quarry. I linger a bit. This must have been a busy place a long time ago. There's a bridge (which now leads nowhere) over a railway track. On the way to lunch, something hits my helmet and then my shoulder. There is a stinging pain I see something on it. I reach out in trepidation to brush away what I think is a brown biting thing with many legs but it is gone. It leaves two punctures. It must have hit a nerve. It might've been a falling twig hitting me at around 28 km/h. Blood seeps through my jersey. I lunch with a friend whom I've not met since Oct - someone rebel in character but noble in spirit.

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