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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy anniversary

Jun distance travelled: 207 km

To Changi Village, 62 km. In Jun, four years ago, over 40 police cadet corp officers and some volunteers lead school kids on a Charity Cyclethon around Singapore. That was an eventful 120 km ride. There is excitement at tonight's anniversary ride too: one driver cuts across two lanes in front of me to turn left. Another driver shoots out in front of a cyclist, who falls and bleeds after emergency braking. Riding at East Coast (the start point) is scary too: cyclists who wear black and ride with no lights in the night, pedestrians who block the cycling path and roller-bladers who suddenly stop and u-turn against traffic flow. There are no other mishaps as seven of us ride to Changi Village to eat. Much has changed in the intervening years; some are completing national service or have changed jobs. One wins the women's open championship at Adventure Singapore this year; credit for tonight's ride is hers.

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