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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Running and rolling

To Mandai Road, 22 km. My fat tyres are squishy, having been unpumped for weeks. They're almost as squishy as my running nose. To get my nose dried in the wind (evaporation!), I roll out my bicycle. I intend it to be a slow ride. The intent disappears minutes later, when a roadie with aerobars shoots past me. I shift gear almost as fast as my hormones and before I know it, my wheels are rolling at 39 km/h. The roadie and I throttle back before the traffic lights. He's on an errand - to Jurong ... My mission, besides drying out my nose, is to cycle away the calories from the high-sugar cough drops I've been sucking so my coughing doesn't disturb my co-workers so much. Yes, I know. I'm a sucker at work.

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