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Monday, February 05, 2007

Looks good (or what to look for when getting a jersey)

To Seng Kang, 27 km. I've been poisoned and off work for three days. I take it lying - and sitting - down. To see if I'm ready for work tomorrow, I ride my bicycle today, wearing a sponsored jersey. It looks good, with emphasis on "looks". It has many panels with inner lining on some panels, to cover the pin-hole type outer layer I suppose. I'm unsure which is the layer (if any) that wicks sweat away, but all that cloth makes the jersey heavier than usual. There's a pocket at the back; it's big enough but requires rummaging to get stuff out. The jersey is predominantly black and dark orange; not quite eye-catching enough for traffic safety. Designed with good intentions, but somehow the intent got lost in translation as the jersey is not designed for serious cycling. With all that work and material put in, I appreciate the gesture.

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