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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Downs and ups

To Mount Faber, 52 km. Yesterday is a bad day. I go to three banks. At one of them, my queue number is 2015; number being served: 1035. Then it's a working lunch, giving advice on how communications strategy and dealing with audit findings. Then it's three hours with a friend going over our year-end expedition plans. My head hurts before I get home and I feel like puking (aka "merlion"). Today is a good day. I'm up after 12 hours of sleep. I cycle up Mount Faber with my fat tyres, in the noon-day sun. I want to stop after round 2, but meet my target of doing five non-stop, despite having to contend with a taxi going against traffic flow (ie going head-on towards me) as it overtakes a bus. I have lunch at a new place, cycle up Keppel Hill for the first time (where, by fluke, I see a man playing the flute) then head home.

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