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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Direct or inverse relationship?

To Jurong, 98 km. I decide to wake up early today for a group ride with SWCT. There's just four of us and I find out how unfit I am, spinning my wheels chasing after a 55 year old roadie. A fringe benefit of the ride is going to a bikeshop in River Valley - a shop I never knew existed. I am mesmerised by a wheelset that costs about $1,700 per pair. I wonder how much my wheelset weighs. I know that the lower the weight, the higher the cost (inverse relationship). Or, the lower the weight, the lower the bank balance (direct relationship). Tonight, I'm in a BMW convertible. I wonder what it's like to own this set of wheels. I also wonder what type of relationship exists between the wheels and the work that makes the wheels affordable. Well, my wheels don't need COE or parking coupons - and they're fully paid for.

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