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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fortune doesn't favour the bold

To Yew Tee, 112 km. Whoever said fortune favours the bold is wrong. Fortune favours the fortunate. At the Yew Tee Challenge adventure race, I draw number 24 for the route. My team mate has a puncture. Our cup to scoop water at one of the "tests" breaks. It rains so hard, I can't write down answers to clues. And it's a nasty route, with clues that leave us clueless. For almost an hour, several teams go round in circles, mislead by what "beside" means. And I learn that leadership is a mix of being firm and flexible. To firmly stay the course when I'm right. To listen when I'm wrong. Problem is, when is who right? I also learn that when people mess up, they sometimes make things right. And sometimes, things right themselves. Like when we're recalled to base in the downpour while some teams aren't. But at the base, another team helps us. Ultimately, the race is not to the swiftest, as I see teams with medal-winners go away losers. My team didn't win either, but we finish the race, with some honour left.

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